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Session is the governing body of the church. It is made up of Ruling Elders and the Pastor, who serves as Moderator.

Worship Peter Blatchley
Christian Education DeDe Eastveld
Church Growth Rick Pounds, Bill Freeman
Mission and Benevolence Susan Gray
Congregational Care Jean Young
Fellowship Betty Creer
Building and Grounds Greg Plate, Mike Kilpatrick
Finance Laura Upchurch
Stewardship Jerrel Branson
Clerk Mary Weinman
Treasurer Jerrel Branson


Other Leaders and Committee Chairs

Presbyterian Women Diane Blatchley
Women's Evening Circle Melissa Gillespie, Rosellyn McIver
XYZ  Ken Newton
Adult Choir Melissa Gillespie
Children's Choir Jane Barnhill
Shepherding Kitty Adair
Needlework Ministry Linda Robinson
Web Administration Jan Redden


Our Mission

GATHER – To worship God and know his Word

GROW – In our relationship with God

GO! – Into the world to serve in the name of Jesus Christ